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In internet WordPress, joomla and Drupal is dominating the web development world.When any one build a website this 3 are first choose.

So lets see why you should pickup WordPress ?

  1. First of all its very much user friendly. Any one can learn how to use it in 30 min or less.
  2. You can make your website more dynamic by using WordPress plug-ins which can be installed easily and also there is many free plugins to meet your need.
  3. WordPress is very much secure and have version updates frequently.
  4. SEO is the most effective way to bring more customer to your website and WordPress is very much SEO friendly.
  5. Making a WordPress website is mush cheaper then the other platform.

Hope you will build your next website using WordPress !!

Written by

Maidul Islam

I am a freelance web developer.Like to share what i learn.