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Top WordPress Elementor Post Grid Plugins for 2024

Top WordPress Elementor Post Grid Plugins for 2024 WordPress, combined with the powerful Elementor page builder, has revolutionized web design, making it more accessible and customizable. One of the most popular ways to display content is through post grids, which allow for organized, visually appealing presentations of blog posts, portfolios, and other content types. Here, […]

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Dynamic Product Categories Design

Dynamic Product Category Design plugin by Dynamic Web Lab provides you the opportunity of showing woocommerce product categories in a grid layout and slider. You can design your website product categories in a modern-looking and descriptive slider that show details of your category. This plugin contains a shortcode: Display Woocommerce product categories in a grid […]

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Some useful wordpress functions

Here is a list of some useful WordPress functions.This may reduce your development time. wp_mail() Some time we need to send email to the user.We can use this wordpress function wp_mail() to send email.It works just like the php email function but have better functionality. wp_loginout() Displays a login link, or if a user is […]

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Add floating social icons to Thesis WordPress

In this tutorial i will show you how to add floating social icons to Thesis WordPress .Copy and paste this code for the floating social icons into your Custom Functions. Note: Always take a backup before any type of modification. [php] // Make the URL to share if( is_singular() ) { $url = get_permalink(); $text […]

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WordPress Blank HTML5 theme

HTML5 comes with a lots of feature! Soon we need to use them in WordPress projects. I discontinue my project but here is another great html5 project you can check

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Optimizing WordPress for SEO

WordPress is a awesome SEO friendly CMS.The following are some basic tips on how to fine-tune your WordPress site to get improved search engine results ranking. 1.Change your Permalink Structure for URLs The permalinks feature allows you to create custom URL structures for your WordPress post or page. By default, WordPress sets your post URLs […]

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7 Useful WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is getting popular on every day.This is a good news for WordPress user and WordPress developers but also this is attracting more hacker to hack WordPress! So how do you secure your WordPress website? Here is some tips to make it more secure! 1.Remove Your WordPress Version Number From WordPress Theme WordPress automatically displays […]

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Add favicon icon dynamically in your wordpress theme

You can easily add favicon icon dynamically in your WordPress theme.This may be very useful for child theme where you don’t want to edit the parent theme header.php.Paste this code in your theme function.php to load the favicon dynamically and also don’t forget to change the favicon icon url. Hope this piece of code may […]

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How to add facebook likebox in wordpress post or page using shortcode

If you want to show your facebook fanpage likebox in wordpress post or page then copy and past the code below in your theme function.php [php] //ADD FACEBOOK LIKE BOX SHORTCODE function fb_likebox($atts) { extract(shortcode_atts(array( "fb_link" => ‘’ ), $atts)); return ‘<h2 class="join-fb">Like Them On Facebook</h2> <fb:like-box href="’.$fb_link.’" width="595" height="100" show_faces="false" stream="false" header="false"></fb:like-box>’; } add_shortcode(‘fb_box’, […]

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Add logo to wordpress dashboard login without plugin

If you want to change the WordPress dashboard login logo then this piece of code can meet your requirement. Just paste this code in the your theme functions.php [php] function custom_login_logo() { echo ‘<style type="text/css"> h1 a { background-image:url(‘.get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’).’/images/custom-login-logo.png) !important; } </style>’; } add_action(‘login_head’, ‘custom_login_logo’); [/php]

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