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The namics of how users interact with interactive elements within a
user interface flow chart based on container proportion.


31 Oct, 2012

Removing extra p and line breaks from shortcodes in WordPress

Some time shortcodes add some some extra <p> and <br /> after of before post.This

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23 Oct, 2012

New Code to Display Latest Tweets

[highlight]The code below no longer works as-is with the Twitter API update to 1.1 as

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12 Oct, 2012

Remove Width and Height Attributes from wordpress content area

When you upload images using WordPress image uploader and insert it into your post/page, it

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4 Oct, 2012

HTML5 Input Type Month

HTML5 introduce new Input Type Month.This month type allows users to select a month and

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html5 datetime
25 Sep, 2012

HTML5 Input Type datetime

HTML5 Input Type datetime is just like Input Type Date except it will allow visitor

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23 Sep, 2012

HTML5 Input Type Email

A typical email address structure is your-email@domain.com As you can never trust your website user

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html5 input date
21 Sep, 2012

HTML5 Input Type Date

HTML5 Input Type Date will allows the user to select a date. Previously this is

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color Input Type
19 Sep, 2012

HTML5 Input Type Color

You can get color input box in html5 with this attribute type="color". With this new

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17 Sep, 2012

What is jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a HTML5 based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms.It

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17 Sep, 2012

HTML5 Autocomplete Attribute

When HTML5 autocomplete is on, the browser will automatically complete values that the user has

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