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bbpress topic info short code

This short code will show the current topic info of the bbpress forum plugin on the sidebar. You can place this code on your theme functions.php file.   You can use this short code like this [bbpress-topic-info]  

Get custom post count in custom taxonomy

To get total custom post count of a custom taxonomy use the follow code For instance, if you had a custom taxonomy called “product_category” and wanted to only show posts from the “manes” product_category you would use the below code.

Best ways to detect IE browser

IE6 is a worse dream for every web developers. Good news is that Software giant Microsoft has released a new website with the expressed aim of killing off its Internet Explorer 6 browser. ie6countdown.com Still we have to deal with IE7 to IE9 Here is some way to cut down your development time by easily […]

Free HTML5 tools for developer

Since start of HTML5 it took the web to next level.Now most of the web development is implemented using HTML5 and css3 . Today i listed some HTML5 tools to reduce the development time. 1) Modernizr.com Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.It will add class on […]