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This short code will show the current topic info of the bbpress forum plugin on the sidebar. You can place this code on your theme functions.php file.


[php] /**
* bbpress topic info short code
function bbpress_topic_info_func( $atts ){

global $wp_query;
$post = $wp_query->get_queried_object();

if($post->post_type == "topic"){



<ul class="topic-info">
<li class="topic-forum">
In:<?php echo get_the_title($post->post_parent);?>
<li class="reply-count">
<?php echo bbp_get_topic_post_count($post->ID, false);?> Replies
<li class="voice-count">
<?php echo bbp_get_topic_voice_count($post->ID, false); ?> Participants
<li class="topic-freshness-author">
Last Activity <?php echo bbp_get_topic_last_active_time($post->ID, false); ?>
<li class="topic-subscription-link"><?php bbp_topic_subscription_link(); ?></li>
<li class="topic-favorites-link"><?php bbp_user_favorites_link(); ?></li>

return ob_get_clean();


add_shortcode( ‘bbpress-topic-info’, ‘bbpress_topic_info_func’ );

* bbpress subscription link | hide
* From

function hide_before ($args = array() ) {
$args[‘before’] = ”;
return $args;
add_filter (‘bbp_before_get_forum_subscribe_link_parse_args’,’hide_before’) ;

You can use this short code like this [bbpress-topic-info]


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Maidul Islam

I am a freelance web developer.Like to share what i learn.